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For over 30 years this project was and has been our dream. We have worked with the best of the best to bring you this choice of proven products and manufacturers. Together with them, we can supply your office with the latest equipment and technologies available.

This year’s meeting schedule:

  • Michigan Dental Association Meeting: April 21-24, 2021, Lansing, Michigan
  • Isaac Knapp Dental Society April 30, 2021, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
  • Indiana Dental Association May 14-16, 2021, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Kentucky Dental Association August 19-22, 2021, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Ohio Dental Association Meeting: September 30th - October 2, 2021, Columbus, Ohio

Our Top Products

ADS Dental System

ADS Dental Test of the Extraoral Suction System

ADS Dental Extraoral Suction System Cleaning and Maintenance

Bien Air

CoolTouch+ TM | Heat-arresting technology

The Difference Between Air and Electric

iOptimaINT 4K

iOptimaINT 4K

Bien-Air has launched a unique system which will substantially boost the performance of dental procedures. With the iOptima, any practitioner can transform their existing dental unit into a modern system equipped with a brushless and sensorless micromotor and an iPod® interface. All at an unrivalled price. The iOptima is perfect for all your restorative and endodontic procedures.

CPAC Environmental

CPAC Equipment, Inc. (CPAC) located in Western New York, is an FDA registered USA manufacturer of sterilizers, evacuators, silver recovery and other associated equipment and supplies.

As a company focused on fostering the scientific revolutionary changes and market acceptance of HVHA sterilization, CPAC continues the pursuit of new-product development initiatives to expand CPAC’s sterilizer product lines that promote safer health care environments while reducing operating and patient treatment costs.

CPAC RH-Pro11 2019 Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting

CPAC Rules For Proper Operation

CPAC RH N95 Operation

GoodDrs Rextar X

Rextar X: Positioning Tips

Rextar X: Training Video

Polaroid P31 3 in 1 Caries Detector, Transilluminator & FHD Intraoral Camera

Polaroid P31 Intraoral Camera Review



Our line covers everything from the Point of Entry of your facility to the dental unit/chair, sterilization equipment, washing systems, ultrasonic cleaners and autoclave demands. We also offer comprehensive, exclusive, patented and new to the industry products that will make your job, workload and safety requirements as easy as 123.

Surgical Esthetics

Surgical Esthetics™, headquartered in Scottsdale AZ, is a company focused on regenerative therapies in dentistry. Founded by professionals who have been involved in regeneration for over 25 years, Surgical Esthetics™ markets a complete line of traditional allografts as well as innovative regenerative therapies in periodontics, oral surgery, and dental implantology.

Dr Kevin Frawley Grafting Kit - Surgical Esthetics

Surgical Esthetics Sponge Bone Ridge Augmentation Tunnel


VELscope Training Video

LaClair Family Dental VelScope HD

We make our customers genuinely happy

  • "I just wanted to give a quick shout out about how impressed I am with your product. I have been servicing dental equipment for 36 years. I have seen the ADS dental equipment over the years and it is not problematic, which is great. I did have an issue with a chair and your tech support team was awesome to deal with.They have the knowledge to quickly restore my clients to operations. Thanks ADS team!"


  • "The handpiece is extremely comfortable and ergonomic, while the surgical drill is very responsive. Looking at the ProImplant, you see a compact machine which you don't expect to be as powerful. It is innovative and effective for modern implantology. Great performance, easy set up and control. Furthermore, it is ideal to carry around thanks to its lightness and perfect designed for a quick sterilization."

    Dr. Michele Manacorda

  • "I work for Gary L. Jennings DMD as an orthodontic assistant. He has a very busy practice!!! We have done business with CPAC for years. When our last sterilizer went down and we were in the market looking for a new one I researched several sterilizers. I of course came back to CPAC. The RH-Pro 11 was brand new to the market. It was so much larger than our last sterilizer. It was so hard to keep up in sterilization until we bought the RH-Pro11. We purchased it on 6-4-2019. It has definitely been an added plus to our sterilizing process. There are no regrets on making this purchase. This office has nothing but high regards to the employees at CPAC and their equipment."

    Jennings Orthodontics

  • "Polaroid P31 Intraoral Camera's UV MODE is INSANE!!"

    Dr. Aaron DeForest -

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