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BaseVac: Dental Dry Suction Systems

Kage Distribution and Marketing is proud to bring to the midwest this high quality Dental manufacturer. In Michigan and Indiana you simply can't get a better designed dental dry suction systems for the dental profession.
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BaseVac™ dental dry suction systems are engineered like no other system because we understand vacuum like no one else.

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The reason we always go with BaseVac is their ability to come in and design a single system to suit the actual capacity of the clinic. It’s not guessing, it’s engineered.

BaseVac™ brand dental dry suction systems are engineered like no other system because we understand vacuum like no one else.

BaseVac The vacuum power at the pump is adjustable up to 25”Hg, 70% stronger than our closest competitor, because at BaseVac™ we realize that vacuum at the pump does not translate into vacuum at your HVE or SE tip. No piping system is 100% efficient and can often consume 3”Hg to 5”Hg of your suction power all on its own.

The extra vacuum capacity of a BaseVac™ allows you to adjust the system to balance the vacuum power to exactly what you want. You will never have more suction power than you want, it’s there only if you need it. All of this on top of a pump that is 100% dry and we truly believe we have built the next generation in dental vacuum.

BaseVac Dental Vacuum is a trademark and brand owned by R.E.Morrison Equipment Inc. In Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. BaseVac is a Canadian manufactured dental suction system incorporating the very best in German manufactured dry vacuum pump technology. R.E.Morrison is an ISO certified company incorporated in 1986 in Canada.

Our Mission

  1. Unprecedented Power and Performance
  2. Compact, Super Quiet Design
  3. Efficient and flexible operation
  4. Superior Air and Water Separation

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