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Kage Distribution and Marketing is proud to bring to the midwest this high quality Dental manufacturer. In Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, you simply can't get a better designed intraoral camera system for the dental profession.
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Polaroid P31 3 in 1 Caries Detector, Transilluminator & FHD Intraoral Camera

Polaroid P31 3 in 1 Caries Detector, Transilluminator & FHD Intraoral Camera

The just released Polaroid P31 is the first Full HD 1920 X 1080P Caries Detection device that allows the user to display all 3 methods of visible caries detection at once with just one press of the capture button. Each detection mode has its advantages, as well as limits and may not be perfect for every situation. The P31 solves this by capturing a White light (natural color) image, a Fluorescence Image, and a Transilumination image at the same time and positions them side by side so that you can compare them and gather the most information to help you make a more informed decision regarding the needed treatment plan. The three side by side images are also great for educating your patient, as well as submitting to the insurance companies.

The Worlds Advanced Dental
Intraoral Cameras

At GoodDrs USA they specialize in manufacturing the worlds most advanced dental intraoral cameras, curing lights and other innovative dental equipment.

We have been consistently investing in research and development with the goal of delivering the best quality possible, worldwide. GoodDrs USA can provide the following products:

  • Intraoral Cameras
  • Curing Lights
  • Light Source
  • Apex Locator
  • Accessories for the Above


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Polaroid P31, Transilluminator & FHD Intraoral Camera

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