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Productive Practices: Health Solutions

Kage Distribution and Marketing is proud to bring to the midwest this high quality Dental manufacturer. In Michigan and Indiana you simply can't get a better designed ergonomically designed operatory stools for the dental profession.
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Productive Practices is a leader in providing health and efficiency solutions for the dental and medical professionals. Inspired by quality, 'best of breed' products, our mission is to continue to develop products that are focused on Ensuring Health and Efficiency Through Productive Practices!

Ergonomically Designed Operatory Stools

Productive Practices' ergonomically designed operatory stools, which combines unparalleled support with an elegant design. Its mechanism is the core of the stool's ability to adjust to an individual's personal seating requirements. Spring seat tilt and back tilt allows total control and adjustment for the individual user who wants to sit and lock the stool in a stable position.

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Infection Prevention with Hygienic Keyboard

Purekeys hygienic keyboard combines a flat top with the tactile feedback of a normal keyboard. The surface is made of a high-grade silicone rubber and can be cleaned with any hospital grade disinfectant. Cleaning time is less than 5 seconds, best practice to clean between patients.

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  • Flat surface, easy to disinfect without the need for immersion, no raised surfaces
  • Real Scissor type keys with excellent tactile key response
  • Works with any Microsoft Window-based PC
  • Silicone based cover, non-allergenic, can be cleaned with any dental grade antibacterial fluids
  • Dedicated Clean Key to quickly disable input during cleaning procedures

HydroKleen Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

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HydroKleen AF Hand Sanitizer is 99.9% effective against the most frequent illness causing germs. HydroKleen contains Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK), an anti-bacterial antiseptic compound, proven safe and effective in reducing bacteria on the skin. This type of alcohol-free sanitizer formula is absorbed rapidly into the skin with little impact on the skin’s natural barrier function and is predicted to be more useful and effective as a rinse-free hand sanitizer than alcohol-containing formulas.

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