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An additional service that Kage Distibutors provides is OSHA, HIPAA and infection control training for the dental care professional. In addition, Kage can provide a wide variety of instructional manuals, safety products and testing devices designed to meet the regulatory requirements required for all dental facilities.


About Training Provided at Kage Distributors:

The training mission of Kage Distibutors is to assist you in understanding your responsibility for compliance. In addition, Kage will develop new and innovative training and products that will educate the dental and medical professionals, enabling them in providing a safe and healthy work environment.

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Guy's Bio:

Since 1992, Guy Gismondi has been presenting educational seminars on the subjects of OSHA Compliance and Infection Control. Presently, Guy serves as a Regional Manager and Continuing Education Coordinator for Compliance Training Partners/HPTC, the leaders in OSHA compliance for dentistry.

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