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T is your one place for high quality products and service supporting Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky Regions. We are happy you visited our site.

KAGE DISTRIBUTORS INC. as it started in 1989, after having a career at Kerr Manufacturing for 15 years, Kate and Guy began a new adventure consulting and introducing products into Europe as well as bringing products back into the United States. While working in Europe, people would have preferred some type of Esquire or name, and so was born (Kate and Guy Enterprise) in short Kage Distributors Inc. I’m sure many people have speculated a much more exotic reason for Kage, but the real story tends to be more rewarding when telling it. Guy Gismondi started as a Certified Dental Technician in Crown and Bridge, while working in Southfield, Michigan Guy was offered a position at Kerr Manufacturing in Research and Development where much of his experience came regarding dental materials. After a number of years Guy moved into sales and marketing for the domestic market, covering Michigan, Ohio and Northern Indiana. The last eight years at Kerr were devoted to new business development covering the U.S and Canada. The biggest change came in 1989, while calling on a local dealer, it was suggested that my talents should be used in the world of Independent Sales Representatives. There were a number of small companies that needed sales people who could bring their product to the market place and sell it. I am one of many who have had the pleasure of becoming self-employed and have not looked back.


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For over 30 year this project was and has been our dream. Kage Distributors has worked with the best of the best to bring you this choice of proven products and manufacturers. Together with them we can supply your office with the latest technologies available.


Kate Gismondi


P: 734-516-1597
M: 734-453-0993
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Guy Gismondi


P: 734-516-1597
M: 734-453-0993
F: 734-453-0241

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