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Kage Distribution and Marketing is proud to bring to the midwest this high quality Dental manufacturer. In Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, you simply can't get a better designed source and distribution of the best product system for the dental profession.


Meet Mid American Dental

Mid American Dental Sales saw a gap in the market for reliable high-quality dental products, filled this gap embarking on a journey to source and distribute the best dental products available.

Their story is not just about selling products; it's about making a difference in the lives of dental professionals and their patients. And as they look to the future, they're excited to write their story, one smile at a time.


Rextar X

Portable Handheld X-Ray Generator

The Rextar X-Ray Generator is designed for high performance. It boasts a lightweight build, features a digital color screen, and provides easy operation with four programmable buttons.


Express Starter System

The Air2Zed Express Starter System supports one sensor and up to two workstations. The system includes:

  • One transmitter
  • Two receivers
  • Charger and accessories -(Mounting Cradle included)


K2 Mobile Wireless 6w

Autoclavable Diode Laser

The K2 Mobile is a wireless diode laser used in dentistry for soft tissue procedures, providing convenience and precision.

Autoclavable & Bendable Fiber Head

The K2 boasts a patented front aluminum cap, complete with a flexible tip that enables precise positioning of the proprietary optic fiber for comfortable use during procedures. The tip can be flexed to almost a 90-degree angle. After use, it's easy to remove the aluminum cap, optic fiber, and silicone sleeve, and place them in the autoclave for disinfection, eliminating the need for expensive disposable tips.

ErgoRay X-Ray Sensor

Ergonomic, Durable, & Affordable

A Top Quality & Design X-Ray Sensor is a high-grade imaging device used in medicine, particularly in radiology and dentistry, known for its excellence in both technical performance and user-friendly design.


DDS Pro X-Ray Imaging Suites

Works with most digital dental hardware

It offers complete flexibility and the freedom to utilize any hardware, enabling you to operate multiple dental offices seamlessly through a single imaging platform.

One Solution

Open architecture is compatible with most 2D imaging devices.

One Software

To learn and use no matter what brand devices you have.

One Place

Manage all your images in one place, no matter what the brand.

X4 Handheld X-Ray

Total digital high-speed control of X-rays

The X4 is a portable handheld X-ray device for on-the-go diagnostics. It provides high-resolution images, is easy to operate, and ensures safety. This advancement in medical imaging improves accessibility to X-ray services in various settings.

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