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Kage Distribution and Marketing is proud to bring to the midwest this high quality Dental manufacturer. In Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, you simply can't get a better designed dental diode laser system for the dental profession.


Specializing in Dental Diode Lasers Zolar Technology is a Canadian based dental equipment manufacturer, specializing in Diode Lasers. Our head office is based in Ontario, enlisting a Worldwide network of reputable authorized dealers. Our Management team consists of industry experts from around the globe, ensuring our products coincide with international requirements and regulations.

Zolar Technology has made its dental diode laser technology affordable, portable and user-friendly, with multiple pre-set programs and in-built tutorials. The impeccable dental diode lasers created at Zolar Technology, with the profound research and development spread over 20 long years, is popularly known as The Photon Series (PHOTON 3 Watt and PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt) . Our vision is to build a global family of satisfied Zolar product consumers who would remember and recommend us.


Photon Dental Diode Laser


The Photon 3 Watt is an ideal dental diode laser with 810nm diode flexibility and complete portability has built-in tutorials and the best multi-lingual interface. There are 20 unmatched pre set programs that are fully editable.

Photon 3 Watt Dental Diode Laser: Best Features

  • The Small Size Makes It Easy To Store And Carry: The Photon 3 Watt dental diode laser is quite small in size and this makes
  • Pre-set Procedures and Customised Programmes
  • Photon 3 Watt dental diode laser is certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Health Canada (MDL) & European standards.
  • Large LCD and Battery
  • Wireless Foot pedal & Disposable Tips
  • Powerful Applications

Photon Plus Dental Diode Laser


The PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt immaculate dental diode laser with 980nm diode versatility and complete portability has built-in tutorials and the best multi-lingual interface.

The large LCD touch screen for ease of navigation and a menu containing several programs that are both pre-set and customizable, makes the new Photon Plus dental diode laser unparalleled. It is perfect for tooth whitening or bleaching without any menace of cross infection.

PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt Dental Diode Laser: Best Features

  • Multilingual Interface and Portable Power Module
  • High Level Security Features
  • Gentle and Comfortable
  • Touch Interface and Wireless Foot Pedal
  • Powerful Applications

Instructional Videos

Dr. Gerry Ross on the New Zolar Dental Diode Laser Equipment by Zolar

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